Newsletter: Volume 2015, 4/10

Volume 2015, 4/10

April 10, 2015

Dear Conrad Program Intern:

We hope you had a very enjoyable Spring Break and that you are now back at school and focused on the remainder of this semester.  Obviously, many of you are eagerly anticipating your phone and/or onsite job interview.  As you await notice of your interview, there are some things you can do in the interim.  Please avail yourself of all opportunities to get prepared for your interview(s) and excelling in your summer employment.  Please review the valuable tips included in this newsletter.


To increase your chances for success:

  • Research the Company. Know what they do; try to find out what problems they are trying to solve. (Remember: the interview IS NOT all about YOU.)
  • Try to get an idea of who you will be interviewing with. Different people have different questions and are looking for different things. For example: the HR person is trying to assess “Do you fit in”? The Hiring Manager is trying to assess “Can you do the work”? The peer is trying to assess “Can I work with him/her”?
  • Practice your response to interview questions. (This is not for them to be ‘canned”, but for you to be succinct in your answers.)
  • Remember: All interview questions are designed to assess three (3) things:
    • Can you do the work (your skills)?
    • Will you do the work (your attitude)?
    • Will you fit in (the culture of the Company and/or department)?
  • Take a recent copy of your resume with you to the interview. (Always.)
  • Dress appropriately for the interview.
  • Arrive ahead of time for your scheduled interview.


In today’s marketplace, it’s tough to stand out.  Good grades and lots of extracurricular activities won’t guarantee that you’ll land the job of your dreams, or that you’ll even land the interview.  There are many qualified candidates out there.  The secret to standing out is to impress recruiters with the unique you—in person, on paper, and online.  You need to create career marketing tools that will make the true you shine and leave them wanting more.  It all starts with building your personal brand.

Please take a few minutes to read the following tips that will help you in building your personal brand.

Your Personal Brand*

What is your personal brand?

It’s your reputation.  It’s about bringing who you are to what you do and how you do it.  It’s about making your mark by being yourself—your best self.  Think of your personal brand as your calling card—your unique promise of value.  It’s what you’re known for and how people experience you.

Ask yourself:

  • What are my unique strengths, skills, and attributes?
  • How do I choose the career that’s right for me?
  • What do I want to be known for?
  • What will make me stand out in the eyes of potential employers?

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